Rumor: iPhone 11 Might Finally Get A USB-C Fast Charger Bundle

usb-C fast charger bundle

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If you’ve been holding out on purchasing an iPhone because of the lack of a fast charger bundle, then you’ll be pleased to know that Apple might be looking to address those woes. Speculations are, the Apple might finally bundle the iPhone 11 with a USB-C fash charger included. Before you dive in that rabbit hole, though, you might want to wait for an official announcement or review.

As it is, there’s currently no confirmation from Apple whether the fast charger bundle will be included or not. The rumor came from ChargeLAB, a news channel dedicated to providing information on mobile peripherals or accessories. ChargeLAB leaked an insider “confirmation” written in Chinese; one of the users claimed that the iPhone 11 came with a USB-C fast charger bundle.

One of them even added that it was a high-level executive himself who confirmed it. ChargeLAB went on in the replies to state that the USB-C fast charger bundle was “very likely”. Of course, the authenticity of the leak could not be verified at the moment. Nothing is set in stone yet regarding the included peripherals on every purchase of an iPhone 11.

Hence, the best course of action for consumers would be to sit tight for official reports. Nevertheless, this could be a good development if true. If you can recall, Apple introduced the fast charging capability to the iPhone back in 2017 but so far has only bundled the regular 5W charger with it. Owners will then have to purchase the USB-C charger separately if they want to take advantage of the fast charging.

Moreover, speculations also point to the fact that the iPhone 11’s battery capacity could be higher as to warrant a USB-C charger. All that’s left is to wait for the official confirmation of said rumors.

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