VIDEO: First video of Snow Leopard in Action

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New Videos have surfaced online from that appear to be shots of Snow Leopard in action. Like Apple has said, not much seems to have changed visually, but it looks like the update won’t be as “featureless” as Apple originally claimed.

If these videos are truly shots of Snow Leopard then you can see that it appears that you’ll be able to customize which Spaces your Apps open into from the Dock itself as well as few other minor things.

With Leopard’s release, that kind of thing would have been in the tally of over “300 new features” that Apple claimed the OS had. Most of those “features” however, were minor tweaks to things like the DVD Player.

You can see more videos here.

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9 thoughts on “VIDEO: First video of Snow Leopard in Action

  1. The feature to change which space an app opens to in the Dock was in most of the Leopard builds right up to the final, where it was pulled.

  2. [Mods feel free to remove my last comment and this line]

    Dave, the song is called ‘clubbed to death’ by Rob Dougan.

  3. Awesome. (and available on itunes too!) Thanks guys… reminds me a lot of Funky Child – LOTUG. Sorry if comments got off topic of original video.

  4. Personally… I don’t mind that the updates, on first appearance, seem small. I’m thrilled about all of the under-the-hood code streamlining and enhancements. OpenCL alone is going to be great for anyone doing heavy computational tasks. It will be nice for software to be able to offload some of it’s heavier computational tasks to the GPU’s. In addition, the full 64-bit GUI and kernel will be fantastic.

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