Get to know the Terminal…intro for newbies

terminal.pngIf you’re interested in learning about the Terminal, but don’t know where to start, this article from MacApper is a great place to get your feet wet.

If you’re anything like me you switched to the Mac so you’d never have to jack with a terminal or prompt ever again – but you should check this out anyway.  There is lots of useful stuff in this article.

Check it out. 

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  1. Hi, can someone tell me the origin of the “>” symbol in the Terminal icon? It is not appearing in the Terminal window and, I believe, neither in other command line scripting applications I saw before.

    Maybe it’s obvious but I’m just curious…


  2. You can have a look to, particularly the SCO0099 – OS X Terminal Basics podcast.

    (And a lot more interesting stuff !)

    Enjoy !