Steve Jobs Bust Unveiled on His Birthday

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Yesterday was Steve Jobs’s birthday. Did you remember to commemorate it in your own way?

Steve Jobs Bust


In Belgrade, artist Dragan Radenovi? celebrated the icon’s birthday in the most fitting manner – by unveiling the Steve Jobs statue that he created. Well, a scaled-down model of the statue, that is. It will be taken to the Cupertino headquarters for the bigwigs to inspect, and if they find it fitting, the “real” Steve Jobs bust will be created. The final sculpture is supposed to be anywhere from three to five meters tall, and it will be set up in Cupertino, although the exact location is yet unknown.

The famous sculptor was fortunate enough to have been chosen among 10,000 entries, and looking at the Steve Jobs bust, it’s quite understandable why it was chosen.

Not your usual tech angle, perhaps, but this is probably what art is all about. Radenovi? says that his piece was chosen by Apple because of its imperfections – and we all know that as much as we adore Steve Jobs, he had his fair share of imperfections!

What do you think of this sculpture? Beautiful in its imperfection, or just plain weird?

Remember the wisdom of Steve Jobs by revisiting his quotes.


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