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It’s quite interesting to look back at Apple’s old marketing strategies. FOr a time they were big on endorsers and testimonials and this one from 1994 catches the eye because of the Chips Ahoy box that Tim Girvin (of Girvin Design) is holding up like a spyglass. Nabisco was one of their clients.

This was an ad for the Power Macintosh with a selling proposition to be able to run Aldus Pagemaker faster than ever. Tim Girvin is the founder of Girvin Inc and he’s definitely gone a long way since the Apple ad. These ads were proofs of concepts for “thinking different” — putting outliers, creative people, artists into Apple’s brand proposition (in this case a design outfit that uses Aldus PageMaker on the Mac).

Apple has long shelved the ambassador strategy, with the last product tie up having to do with the U2 Edition of the iPod classic. They really don’t need to do that anymore when the iTunes music store became a tremendous success. That was the jumping point for many of Apple’s successes as a digital distribution company for music, movies & TV shows, apps and books.

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