Some Macbook manufacturing problems reported online

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According to TGDaily some buyers of the new Macbooks are complaining about a loose battery/HDD latch and slanted function keys on the keyboard.

This could be an indication that Apple’s new manufacturing process need some refinement…or simply that the folks at quality control need to do a better job. Like many Apple problems this could be merely one or two units that are bad – and apparently Apple has agreed to replace certain notebooks with this problem.

The problem with the online community (me included) is that we can blow these things out of proportion – so don’t start thinking that every new Macbook is going to have this trouble. If it does – just take it to an Apple store, or call support and I’m sure the situation can be fixed.

It is possible, though, that Apple needs a little more time with this new manufacturing process to perfect it…we’ll just have to see how many of these defective units eventually show up.

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