Slingmedia’s Slingcatcher sounds alot like iTV

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slingcatcher-1.jpgEngadget has posted some interesting info about Slingmedia’s latest product, which is being unveiled at CES. The device is called a SlingCatcher, and it is about half the size of a Slingbox Tuner and includes S-Video, Component, HDMI, a couple USB ports and integrated WiFi. The device also has an optional hard drive that will allow you to eventually purchase content from Slingmedia…which is a first for them.

This is yet another device that is seemingly straight in line to compete with Apple’s iTV (which we hope to hear more about at Macworld). Right now, it appears that Apple had better have a rabbit under its hat for iTV to make it a viable option for consumers. This SlingCatcher will be released mid-2007 – with a sub $200 MSRP.

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