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Review: Doodle Find

From KlickTock, makers of another favorite of mine, Little Things, comes this clever little no-nonsense title that’s a perfect puzzler to scratch that search-and-find itch: Doodle Find for iPad.

The object of the game is as simple as they come. You’re presented with a grid of hand-drawn everyday objects, like scissors, dice, pencils, and trees. The game gives you a running list of objects to find, which you must do before the timer runs out.

When you spot the appropriate object, you tap it. New objects will then fall into place to replace the old, and you keep going for a minute and a half, finding as many items as you can in that amount of time. The more you find, the quicker you play, the higher your score.

It may sound wildly simplistic, but let me assure you it can be maddeningly addictive to hunt through the grid, searching for that one item you just can’t seem to lay your eyes on. A lot of the items you’re asked to find come in multiples. If you go too long without finding what you’re looking for, Doodle Find gives you a hint — the object in question gives a cute little wiggle. String correct finds together and you’ll be rewarded with combo points that climb to spectacular heights, radically improving your score.

That’s how you play in Classic mode. There’s also a Marathon mode, which features the same basic gameplay but with a twist. Instead of counting down from ninety seconds, there’s no time limit at all. You’re just trying to stay alive for as long as you can. If you can’t find an item after a few seconds, the game’s over.

Doodle Find features full Facebook integration, so you can post your high scores to impress your friends. There’s also a proprietary list of all time top scores for the game, which only counts the top 30 scores. I’d imagine that making it onto that list would provide no small sense of accomplishment.

It’s not the most complex game ever, but it never tries to be. Doodle Find sets out to do one thing, and it succeeds brilliantly, giving the casual gamer a terrific time waster that you’ll come back to again and again.

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Robin Parrish

Robin Parrish

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