Predictions: Popular Mechanics Speculates on the “iTablet”

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Popular Mechanics is getting in the predictions game, going so far as to even speculate on what the design of their prediction might look like. They’re calling the “iTablet” a “Macbook Plus” and the image above is what they speculate it will look like.

There are a handful of things that are very “un-Apple” about this design – the first of which is the thickness of that detachable keyboard – and the fact there there is a detachable keyboard in the first place.

Anyway – If you’d like to see the thing in motion, you can click here and take a look at their video of the mock-up they created.

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5 thoughts on “Predictions: Popular Mechanics Speculates on the “iTablet”

  1. why exactly would i want to detach the keyboard? either there is one – or there isn’t. and what’s with that ugly foldable stand below the screen? this design is as un-applish as it gets. i don’t think apple is getting in the tablet market anytime soon; why would they give their blessing to a 3rd-party tablet mac (modbook) first and then compete with that only shortly thereafter?

  2. Doesn’t Dell already make that?

    Look people, Apple devoted so many resources to developing the iPhone, and again releasing a major (and might I also say smooth transition compared to past releases) upgrade to OS TEN, AND a new design to the flagship iMac that the chances of releasing a new product are slim. Let go the crazyness.

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