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paid now free apps

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Here’s this week’s edition of usually paid, now free iOS apps.

aNote – Screenshot extension for Safari & Photos for iOS8

paid now free ios apps
Taking screenshots is an essential part of life – at least in my book. It’s easy enough to take screenshots on the iPhone or iOS, but there are times when you might need more than the default action of pressing the home and power buttons.

For more screenshot-taking capabilities, aNote is perfect. It can:
– Take Full page screenshot in Safari.
– Annotate screenshot with freehand draw.
– Save the screenshot to Image & Share to anywhere you want.

Normally at $1.99, this app is free for now.

Get aNote for free.

Lapse HD/R

paid now free ios apps
The tag price of this app is normally at $2.99, but you can get it free for a limited time. Lapse HD/R give you the capability of recording timelapse video in true HDR up to 1080p on your iPhone. For timelapse enthusiasts, this app will make things easier for you, all the while satisfying you with the results you get.

Get Lapse HD/R for free.

Mini Motor Racing HD

paid now free ios apps
Of course, we need to include a game on this list. Mini Motor Racing was the winner of App Store Best of 2012 – Casual Games, and since the developers are releasing a new version soon (Mini Motor Racing WRT), they are giving the original game away.

As they say, great things come in small packages.

The app is normally priced at $1.99, but you can get it free for a limited time, so go!

Get Mini Motor Racing HD for free.

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