7 iPhone Shopping Apps to Help Take the Stress Out of the Holidays

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Shopping for the perfect holiday gift for friends and family can be an incredibly time consuming and stressful experience. Fighting the crowds at the mall or a major department store is enough to turn just about anyone into Ebenezer Scrooge. But this year your iPhone can take some of the stress out of the hectic holiday season by helping you shop smarter and more efficiently. Here are 7 iPhone shopping apps that will make the holidays more pleasant for everyone. 

Santa’s Bag – Christmas Gift List

If staying organized and on budget is a major challenge for you during the holiday season, you’ll want to use Santa’s Bag – Christmas Gift List to stay focused. The app taps into your Facebook account and Contacts to generate a list of people that you’ll be shopping for this year. Profiles for your friends and family can include their clothing sizes, favorite stores, wishlist and other important information. You can even set a limit on how much you want to spend on each person to help keep you under budget. The app will also track the gift’s status from time it was purchased, to when it was wrapped, and eventually delivered, making Santa’s Bag a solution that can come in handy at every stage of the gift giving process.

Red Laser

Red Laser has been around for awhile, but it continues to be updated regularly, and has only grown in value over time. The app allows you to scan a barcode on any item that you are shopping for, and it then provides the best available price – both online or in a local store – for that item. Essentially, Red Laser turns your iPhone into an automated personal comparison shopper, delivering you the best pricing possible. This could potentially end up saving you lots of money throughout the holidays, and the rest of the year too, making it an app that should stay on your iPhone permanently.



Another comparison shopping app, ShopSavvy can also save you time and money. Simply tell the app exactly what it is you are looking for, and it will automatically monitor the pricing for that item, and alert you when it is available at a discount. ShopSavvy allows users to create, manage, and share lists, as well as search for the best pricing on retail items in realtime. An integrated barcode scanner makes it easy to search for great deals as well, while a built-in map will show you where the stores with the best prices are located.


Can’t always remember which stores have certain items on sale? Let Shopular handle that for you. The app keeps track of the best deals available in a variety of major retail outlets – including Target, Kohls, Old Navy, and Toys ‘R Us – and places them right on your phone so they are available for review at any time. Digital versions of coupons can be saved within the app, and geolocation technology automatically pushes them to your iPhone’s home screen when you enter the appropriate store. Shopular’s online community is also an important resource, providing tips and tricks from fellow shoppers who are also using the app.

Shop For Kids

If you have any children on your holiday shopping list, you’ll definitely want Shop For Kids on your iPhone. Like some of the other apps mentioned above, it uses a barcode scanner to check pricing on toys, games, electronics, and other items. Perhaps more importantly however, it also provides reviews of those products as well. Those reviews offer such helpful information as the appropriate age level for the toy, its durability, and how long it will hold the interest level of the child. You can even create profiles for the kids you are buying for, and the app will alert you to other important dates such as their birthdays.



Location based shopping apps aren’t especially new, but Zoomingo takes it to a new level, allowing users to type in their zip code and see all the best deals that are available in their area from top retailers. Some of the stores included in the app are Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Old Navy and Nordstrom. Zoomingo users are able to implement filters that allow them to follow just the retail outlets that they are most interested in, and can quickly and easily search through a variety of categories to find the products they most want to buy. The app even allows you to browse the most recent weekly ads and fliers, saving you the time of sorting through the paper versions that come in the newspaper. It will even place money-saving coupons on your iPhone screen so that they can be scanned at checkout too.

Amazon Mobile

If you’d rather avoid going out to the stores at all, then perhaps Amazon Mobile is the app for you. Not only does it allow you to browse the absolutely massive online catalog of items available from Amazon, you can purchase those items directly from your iPhone or iPad as well. Customers can sign in using their existing Amazon account, and start buying gifts in a matter of seconds. It even comes in handy when shopping at the local mall too. The app’s built-in ability to scan barcodes or take photos of a product, allows users to compare pricing on the Amazon website while on the go. Remember, many places like Walmart and Best Buy will now match Amazon’s pricing in-store too. Showing them the price of an item in this app should allow you to get that same discount on the spot.

Bonus App: Apple Store

If you plan on buying one of Apple’s products – or an accessory for the iPad, iPhone, or Mac – don’t forget about the Apple Store app. Not only does it feature all of the items that can be purchased in Apple’s online store, but it allows users to order them directly from their mobile device. It’ll even let you know if that item is available for pick-up in your  local Apple store, and help you navigate to that location to retrieve it. The latest version includes Apple Pay, so you can quickly and easily find all of the items you are looking for, and pay for them with one button press.

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