Life With the Apple Watch – a Parody

life with the apple watch

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life with the apple watch

Practically everyone’s excited to get their hands on the Apple Watch, but there will always be some doubts. Personally, I am not going to join the early adopters this time, as I am still scarred with my experience with the Pebble (as I think I’ve mentioned before, it made me feel like Pavlov’s dog every time a notification came in).

Still, I think we can all – Apple fans and critics alike – agree that life with the Apple Watch will present a whole lot of possibilities. You know, you can look like a secret agent spy whispering to your wrist! (Seriously, if you can pull it off, that would be cool. If not, then you’d look like an idiot.)

On this playful note, this video I saw today is a perfect parody of what life with the Apple Watch could be like.

It shows a guy who just got an Apple Watch and is syncing it with his iPhone. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Think again. What the dude didn’t count on was Roscoe (his Apple Watch assistant) and Siri having egos that, well, are not exactly compatible.

It’s silly. It’s funny. But it does raise some issues that may very well come up when you get your hands on the Apple Watch.

So how did you like that?

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  1. Didn’t really care for it. Relying mainly on profanity probably will make it a hit with 7th graders, though.

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