This iPhone 6 Concept Video Combines Info From Leaks and Rumors

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Tired of plodding through all the articles about what the iPhone 6 is going to be like, what features it’s going to have, and all the speculation and leaks? I wouldn’t be surprised if you do find it tiresome, but you still go ahead and read all those posts anyway. After all, who can resist dreaming about what Apple will bring to the table come the announcement of the iPhone 6?

Well, here’s one iPhone 6 concept video that may make your “work” a little easier. Created by “ConceptsiPhone“, the video is the result of picking out details from leaks, rumors, and all the talk going on about the upcoming iPhone 6.

I can’t resist the thinness of that phone, but I am not sure about the gold on the side. We don’t know if this is even representative of what we’re actually going to see, but as I’ve said before, it’s free to speculate.

Another iPhone 6 concept:

This iPhone 6 Pro Concept Features Wireless Charging and iView Cover

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