This iPhone 6 Pro Concept Features Wireless Charging and iView Cover

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It’s coming nearer and nearer, but all we really have is still speculation; but as usual, creatives love to put something (semi)concrete together based on speculation. And sometimes, we get something quite beautiful.

One of the latest iPhone 6 concepts is the iPhone 6 Pro, which features wireless charging and something called the iView Cover. Created by Vishal Bhanushali of Mumbai, India, the iPhone 6 Pro is a sight for sore eyes.

iPhone 6 concept

Here’s an accompanying video to show you more.

With iPhones looking so beautiful, who cares if Samsung calls iPhone users wall huggers?

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One thought on “This iPhone 6 Pro Concept Features Wireless Charging and iView Cover

  1. Interesting Concept. If we are going that far why not just go for self charging phone or solar powered with option of charging externally.

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