Introducing the Golden Macbook Air


Computer Choppers has created a gold plated Macbook Air. It’s the world’s first 24kt Gold Macbook Air with a Sapphires Apple logo ta boot.

Does it join the ranks of other notable Apple luxury products? Well, not really – the ones we’ve mocked in the past including the “Golden Age” Macbook Air, the Golden iPhone, and the Gold and Diamond iPod Shuffles…and they’ve all been mocked for one reason – they cost an absurd amount of money.

This Macbook Air, however, doesn’t appear to be for sale. It’s just something that Computer Choppers wanted to make, I suppose. So, as long as they’re not charging $20k for it – more power to them. Have a good time customizing the thing.

You can see more pictures of it here.



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  1. you can bet your pants this is at least going to land on ebay sooner or later. and i don’t want to know what price it’ll hit. the things people do with their money… it makes my head hurt. i mean, i even consider even buying a run-off-the-mill macbook air a waste of money. 😛