Want to blow $19 Grand on something stupid? How about a Solid Gold iPod Shuffle?

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If you have 14,000 EUR ($19,343) laying around and are a complete sucker the German company Xexoo would like to talk to you. They have an 18 carat Gold iPod Shuffle that they’d like to sell you.

Now hold on…before you think you’re getting ripped off, let me tell you what comes with it! In addition it being an iPod shuffle made of gold, it comes with 24/7 365 support. So if you need assistance it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or what holiday, they will be there to help you through operating your iPod shuffle. If there are ever any problems with it and an exchange is necessary, they will get you a new one anywhere in the world that you may be. It also comes delivered in a nice wooden box, piano style.

Just to add a little perspective here, I purchased a refurbished iPod shuffle for $40 from Apple two weeks ago.

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5 thoughts on “Want to blow $19 Grand on something stupid? How about a Solid Gold iPod Shuffle?

  1. They make all other versions in gold as well.

    But who WOULDN’T want this, its totally practical AND the most ballin shit ever

    Someone wanna lend me 19k?

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