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apple accessories sale

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You pay a bunch of money for Apple products, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue to pay a “bit” more for accessories that will protect your gadget or enhance your experience; not to mention accessories that are necessary, like charging cables.

While some accessories do come with the device upon purchase, the time almost always comes when you need to buy a replacement. That’s when it stings a bit, for genuine, certified Apple accessories don’t come cheap.

Luckily, there are some good deals to be found. Today, we have an Apple accessories sale post for you. Three rather essential accessories, in fact.

Apple accessories sale

Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover

apple accessories sale

There is a host of iPad Mini cases and covers out there, but nothing beats the simplicity of the Smart Cover. It costs $39 at the Apple Store, but you can get it for a fraction of the price. Check it out below.

Get the Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover for only $10.

Apple Lightning USB Cable

great deals apple accessories

You can never have enough Lightning cables, especially if you have multiple devices and if your household members use Apple gadgets, too. Then there’s the fact that Lightning cables notoriously fray easily. With this deal, you can get three cables for the price of one (at normal price).

Get the Apple Lightning USB Cable for $9.

Apple Lightning Adapter

apple accessories sale

If you have a device, say a dock, which has the old 30-pin connector, then you will need the Lightning adapter so it doesn’t just gather dust because all (or most) of your gadgets are all bleeding edge. One costs $30, but you’ll make good savings on this sweet deal.

Get the Apple Lightning Adapter for $12.

The sale has 10 days to go, and stocks may run out, so better swipe that plastic today.

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