Get a Gold-plated Apple Watch Thanks to Watch Plate

Apple’s most personal device yet has arrived, and as with most first-generation products, the reception has been mixed. Some say the Apple Watch display glare outdoors is so bad, while others say that the display “rises to the challenge“.

But if there is one thing about any Apple product, it’s the bling that people want to add. Case in point: Beyonce’s gold Apple Watch that you won’t be able to get your hands on.

gold plated apple watch

While you can get the Apple Watch with a case of 18-karat gold for as “low” as $10,000, Beyonce’s gold-on-gold Apple Watch is priceless. Even your MasterCard won’t do you any good.

Still, if you really want your Apple Watch to be as glitzy as Beyonce’s, then Watch Plate has the thing for you.

gold plated apple watch

You can choose from 18k yellow gold or rose gold, and it will “only” cost you $399. You can stop reading now if you’re thinking this is ridiculous, but if you really want your Apple Watch to stand out, keep going.

Watch Plate makes it easy for you to get a gold-plated Apple Watch. Too easy, in fact – aside from the price.

All you need to do is to place your order via their web site, and they will email your prepaid FedEx label. You’ll then need to go to the nearest FedEx branch, and leave your Apple Watch. (Trust issues? The company is supposed to be reliable, plus you have your receipt.)

In four business days, you’ll have your gold-plated Apple Watch back, and you’ll be almost 400 bucks poorer.

What do you think? Worth it or insane?

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  1. Walmart is now selling some very cool looking 24k Gold Plated Apple watches for around 600, i bought one 3 months ago and i cant complain…. very nice !