Funniest BendGate Tweets


So it’s not like us to make fun of Apple, but we don’t mind making fun of things – even those that we like. One simply cannot ignore an iPhone 6 bending. It could be a flaw in the design. It could simply because the phone is so thin. We don’t know, although Apple has stated that there have been only 9 users who have complained about BendGate. We’ve also read about a theory that there is a media plot behind BendGate.

What we do know is that there are some funny BendGate tweets that you may (or may not) find amusing. Here you go.

How can you NOT find this funny? It’s Becks after all!

I would embrace the bend if it’s for this, wouldn’t you???

Believe. Perhaps the funniest of the BendGate tweets.

You’ve got to click on the link to Conan’s parody to fully enjoy this.

Cool and trendy, indeed!

For you, Dali fans. No need to explain.

Look who’s a new Apple Executive!

Some sympathy from people who’ve been there, done that.

Indeed, what’s wrong with a little bend?

And, BendGate exaggerators, we leave you with this.

Have a break!

Seriously, though, don’t fall for the BendGate hoopla so easily. Take a look at this and read the entire article.

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