For When You Have Lots of Disposable Income: Carbon Fiber MacBook Case

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I’m a car guy. Been one since I was little, and I’ve always loved building custom cars and trucks. A few years ago, I wanted all sorts of carbon fiber parts for my car, and even looked into producing my own carbon fiber components, but as would be expected, it was a bit too pricey for me.

For the uninitiated, carbon fiber is an extremely strong and light composite material that many exotic cars use for body panels, trim pieces and structural parts. Because it’s difficult to make, it’s expensive to produce and as such, a bit rare in the wild. That’s when I saw this carbon fiber MacBook case by DRO Concepts, I got very excited and very upset at the same time.

DRO Concepts has been making carbon fiber Apple accessories for a bit now, including some wicked iPhone cases that are equally drool worthy. This is their newest addition, a carbon fiber case for the 13-inch MBP, that wraps around the aluminum laptop and is secured by a zipper. Right now it’s just a prototype, but they go to production in late January 2010, and for just $399, you can have one of your very own. I think the sheen on the case above is probably just for the rough version, I’d imagine the production model will sport the same glossy finish as the iPhone case.

So why am I happy and upset? Well, it’s for the 13-inch MBP, and my 15-incher won’t fit. And I’m upset, because there’s no way I can justify spending $400 on a case for my computer when my incase bag works just as well.

But if you have some cash to blow, and you’re looking for a high-end case that’s super strong and looks amazing, this is the one for you. I’ll be the guy in the corner drooling and cursing at the same time.

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