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Pic Lens is an interesting piece of software that I just discovered yesterday (thanks, Drew). The plugin transforms image and video searching on your desktop to a very interesting full screen experience. It works on both Mac and Windows, and there are versions for IE, Firefox and Safari.

The Firefox version on the Mac is my favorite because it gives you a full 3D wall to explore you images and videos through (this feature works on every version of the software, except for Safari). It allows you to very easily glide through images on popular sites like YouTube, Google, Flickr, Picasa and a few more.

The Safari version lacks the “3D wall” feature, but still looks very nice, and features Apple Remote support, that no other version of the plugin offers. It’s just going to come down to a matter of personal preference on which you prefer to use – both are free…so there is no reason not to try them out.

It is a stunning application – and my only real complaint is that its only compatible with a handful of popular sites. I really wish there was a way for it to work with ANY site…but regardless of that, it is a very cool, free plugin, that you can get by clicking here.

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  1. Interesting, I’ve been having some troubles with Pic Lens after I updated Safari a few months ago. Basically, it stopped working, I tried to re-install, but it didn’t solve the problem… I might check out the FireFox version.

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