Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, January 6, 2020

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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today

Percent Calculator & Conversion

Percent Calculator is an easy way to quickly convert percents for discounts, tips etc… The easiest way to solve your mathematical problems quickly.

-IOS 9 Optimized
-Works Great on iPhone 6 and 6+
-Auto-History Save
-Large Buttons
-New Look

–More Upgrades coming
Including in app purchases
Delete History Button

Please visit our website for any features you would like to see or leave a review.

Tomstrails GPS Duo

Provides a clear and concise display of your position in map coordinates used widely around the world.

• British Grid, used by Ordnance Survey in Great Britain.
• Irish Grid, used by Ordnance Survey in Ireland.
• MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)
• UTM used worldwide with both the WGS-84 datum and ED50 in parts of Europe.
• Latitude & Longitude in decimal and sexagesimal notation.

Tomstrails GPS optimizes the frequency of position updates depending on battery charge and speed of travel to make sure you can always make a call at the end of the day, great for multi-day trips. The GPS is never enabled when the app is in background.

A clear, high contrast display ensures you can read the position quickly in any light conditions. Simultaneous grid formats allows emergency services to coordinate ground and aerial support.

Finance Analyst

The program “Finance Analyst” allows for interest and yield calculations.

Interest calculations can be done annually or below one year. Similarly continuous interest calculation can be used, too. In addition to compound interest one can use simple and mixed interest calculations. All variables like initial capital, future value, interest rate, and maturity can be selected for computation.

The yield calculation can be done either with given present value of annuity or with given amount of annuity. Additionally the user can select annual calculation of interest or below one year.

The application is available both in English and German and supports Voice-Over.

Hints, reviews, and ideas for improvement are most welcome.

KeyDates – A Lifetime Captured

Capturing all your life’s events – time with family, friends, pet memories, medical and health events, love and romance, holidays, sporting memories, movies, books and more – can be challenging if you require all events and dates recorded in one place then quickly recalled when required.

KeyDates has been designed to capture unlimited moments in your life across 15 different categories such as Family, Friends, Love, Home, Pets, Health and much more.

Designed for iOS users, KeyDates allows you to easily and quickly capture moment, events and memories as they occur or after they occur. It also allows you to capture future events. Upload photos taken at the time of the event or choose any photo from your camera roll.

Share events easily via SMS, email or post to your Facebook timeline. To save a backup of all your events, export to excel or backup to Cloud. You can search for events recorded by ‘keyword’ or by ‘category’, and also filter results by a date range.

There is also an ‘On This Day’ feature – which displays all past events that occurred on a particular day of the year.


GoChart is a professional app that helps you with pretty graphs such as Line Graph, Pie Graph, Bar Graph, Area Graph, etc. Along with vivid animation , you can view graphs and hide some items. It’s a great helper for you to analyse datum. Besides, you can share the generated images with your workmates or friends. Now why don’t you have a try?

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