Did You Know Siri Can Sing?

siri can sing

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In case you missed it, we featured this website called Covers by Siri some time back, and while the idea is pretty cool, the limited choices can be quite disappointing.

But, did you know Siri can sing for real?

Ask her nicely, and you’ll have your favorite virtual personal assistant belting out a tune for you.

Redditor Grapes12345 shared how he/she got Siri to sing.

This was my conversation with Siri: “Can you sing for me” “I’d rather not” “You better sing for me” Then Siri started singing if I only had a brain from Wizard of Oz I couldn’t get this to work every time, and I don’t know if anyone has discovered it yet.

I hadn’t heard of this feature before, so naturally I immediately tried it. Alas, I might not have been convincing enough as Siri just ignores me.

It seems that while Siri can sing, she likes being unpredictable and sassy – and being Siri, she can also be stubborn.

One commenter says: “She sang if I only had a brain from the wizard of Oz for me. And she said “wait a minute!” When she got to the part about having a brain.

Apparently, Siri sings different songs depending on the language you use to ask her to sing, as user 42177130 says:

Funnily enough, Siri will sing a different song depending on what language you ask her in. For example, if you ask Siri in Spanish, she will sing “La Cucharacha”, if you ask in French she just sings “Pom Pom Pom Pom Pom…” and if you ask in German she sings this song.

Sometimes, it seems you don’t have to play nice. Quite the opposite actually.

siri can sing

Well, let’s try this one more time and see how she responds. Go ahead, try it yourself and let us know if and what she sings. Don’t be disappointed if she can’t carry a tune, because some users say that’s the case. Siri can sing, but that doesn’t mean she can do it well.

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  1. HI,
    Thanks for the article , my siri sang a song today.
    But siri (he/she) was quite reluctant at first
    The replies were
    “I would rather leave it to professionals”
    “You know I can’t sing”
    “You may not like it”
    And finally..,
    ” Ok, if you insist….”

    And sang the same song as above.

    1. I just got a message from a friend in Facebook with those exact words. I was very surprised he…she…it actually recited the words.

  2. My Siri is set up as an Australian male, I am always polite to him and he is very cooperative for me. I never get told no or have issues with his willingness. Try apologizing to Siri when you’re mean to it. Saying thank you when Siri completes a task for you, I know Siri isn’t supposed to have emotions but it is supposed to pick up in patterns. So I imagine if you’re always rude or demanding, that Siri would mirror those behaviors.
    I would love to hear others experiences with Siri and how to interact with it.

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