LOONCUP – The world’s first SMART menstrual cup

smart menstrual cup

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Loony. Loopy.

I may be missing something here, and I might just be setting myself up as a target for not getting it, but this Kickstarter campaign for a SMART menstrual cup really makes me think of those two words. Especially since it’s already exceeded its goal with 21 days to go.

So what’s LOONCUP?

It’s a SMART menstrual cup, as the title says; but what does that mean?

(Okay guys, if you’re feeling squeamish, just go ahead and skip this one. I won’t take it against you.)

The creators of the project describes the SMART menstrual cup below.

Think of it as your monthly period partner, a good friend who drops by when you need her, helping you feel better yourself, and making sure you take care of your body during this special time.

It will redefine the experience women have when Aunt Irma is in town. Forget tampons. Forget pads. With LOONCUP, they will become antiquated.

LOONCUP tells you when it’s full and when you should refresh it. It does all sorts of smart things like tracking fluid volume, color, and your cycle.

And, of course, there’s an accompanying app.

smart menstrual cup

If you’ve got an Apple Watch, it’s even better.

smart menstrual cup

I’m really having a hard time here, people. Is it just me?

If you want more, watch.

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