Buying a MacBook Air? BestBuy Offers the Lowest Prices, Pre-tax!

Apple ended the month of April with great news for its customers by announcing new MacBook Airs with bumped up specs and lowered prices. If you immediately jumped on that news and bought a new MacBook Air or two, you might not want to continue reading. If, however, you decided to wait a little bit, you’re in luck: BestBuy, an authorized Apple reseller, has added more discounts to their 2013 and 2014 MacBook Airs, making their deals the lowest you can get – before tax.

From Apple’s web site, the entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air is now only $899, but if you get one from BestBuy, the ¬†price is only¬†$854.99. The basic 13-inch MacBook Air is only $949.99. If you take a look at Apple’s education pricing scheme, BestBuy’s offer actually matches it.

According to AppleInsider, these prices are the lowest – ever – for new MacBooks. Of course, it cannot be emphasized enough that BestBuy charges taxes on all orders placed within the United States. That means that while their prices are the lowest, you will end up paying on top of the published prices because of applicable taxes.

Here’s a comparison on prices from AppleInsider.


For more in-depth details on pricing, click here.

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