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There are Apple fanboys (and girls), and they have their Android counterparts. I don’t think that I would be far from being correct if I assume that many of you fall under the first group, would I? 馃槈

Of course, whichever group you belong to, one thing is common: an ardent show of support for your brand of choice. There is also the fact that comparing features and functions of the rival brand is not an uncommon activity, so if you have a penchant for that, here’s a comparison chart that you just might find fun.

Apps and Oranges is an infographic by the guys at kinvey, showcasing the differences between the App Store and Google Play. You may, or you may not, be surprised (happily or otherwise) at the numbers, but it will at least give you some interesting points for discussion with your fellow Apple enthusiasts.

See the complete App Store vs Google Play Comparison Chart

From: Kinvey Backend as a Service

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One thought on “Apps and Oranges

  1. Hm. To sum things up, seems like Google Play is the more dynamic of the two, while Apple is the more steady and, in a sense, more effective, doesn’t it?

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