Yet Another iPad Wall Mount

Although the iPad is used for many different things, I’ve often thought that one of the best uses that hasn’t quite hit its full potential yet is home automation. It used to be that companies sold touch pads with their systems that didn’t look good and were ridiculously expensive. The iPad changes all that. It’s cheaper than those touch pads, looks better, and can serve multiple purposes.

Problem is, there needs to be a cool way to mount the iPad to a wall, yet also make it removable. Here’s a new, albeit expensive, option called the LXB WallPad.  It’s made of painted wood, and holds the iPad at a slight angle, while gravity holds the iPad in place. It also can hold a charging cable, making it great for keeping the iPad charged at all times.

Should you not like your iPad on the wall, you can use the case for a platform on a desk, and you can also get an optional metal stand to hold it in place vertically. So now the big question is, how much does it cost? Well, it’s not cheap. $131 USD currently, and that’s without the metal bracket. Of course, if you’re building a home automation system, then it may not be that bad of a deal. It’s still cheaper than the alternative.

Kevin Whipps

Kevin Whipps is a copy editor, writer, photographer and custom car builder based in the Phoenix, Ariz. area. For the past 10 years he's been building his portfolio, mostly in the automotive publishing industry. When he's not wrenching on cars, most of his time is spent discovering new gadgets and toys, and of course, using everything Apple. Whipps is also married, and has a baby boy, Kevin Whipps Jr., coming on February 7, 2010.


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  1. This looks pretty good. I’m waiting to find something similar but is recessed into the wall so the face of the ipad is more flush with the wall. Saw something when the ipad first came out where someone made a flush mount for the kitchen cabinet. That looked pretty good, but I’d like to have this in a more centralized location for dealing with home automation.

  2. The wallpad is actually $100 and comes with everything you need to connect it to the wall. The bracket is if you want to stand it like a photo frame on a desk. The reason it is $100 is because outside the EU you do not pay our tax.