AppleTV Displays going up March 5th

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appletvinterface.jpgOne more bit on the Apple TV for today…according ot TUAW a super secret operative for them at Apple HQ has risked it all to tell them that March 5th is when we’re going to be seeing AppleTV displays officially go up in Apple Stores.

March 5th is also the date that our pre-order states we’ll have an AppleTV by at this time…so it’ll be interesting to see if anyone gets ahold of them quicker than that…but right now you can count on having an AppleTV in the next two weeks.

I can’t wait.

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One thought on “AppleTV Displays going up March 5th

  1. Yup, I’m the same as your posters on the previous article.

    Dispatch date is still 28th Feb, but expected delivery date has slipped from 2nd to 7th March. Frustrating!

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