RUMOR: Steve Jobs says Calender Updates to iPod Touch are coming

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A post appeared on the Mac Rumors forums this weekend that is supposedly a transcript of an email correspondence between the poster and whoever answers Steve Job’s email address. Of course, this type of thing is easily faked, but the poster has a long history with the site, and has posted over 6,000 times, so I would assume that lends a certain credibility to it…but still, take it with a grain of salt.

You can click here to see the forum thread.

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3 thoughts on “RUMOR: Steve Jobs says Calender Updates to iPod Touch are coming

  1. This would make my day. I really want to get a Touch to use for both music and as a PDA, but the current calendar issues prevent me from making the plunge. If this is true, then I know what my wife can get me for Christmas….

  2. “…Whoever answers Steve Job’s email…”, yet his email is clearly shown in the pic provided as “”?

    I can provide the number for an optometrist if you’d like?

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