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Hey guys I just wanted to drop in a quick post to tell you about a small addition to the site. Some of you may be already be familiar with Yahoo! Buzz. If you’re not, its essentially a Yahoo! Digg-clone, but in a lot of ways, I like it better.

The topics are very diverse, and there are some really interesting stories coming in from all over the place. Plus, there are no comments under the stories filled with people bickering back and forth about their favorite computer maker, political candidate, or what have you. You can just go there, read news, and vote on stories that you like.

There is some editorial control on Buzz, which keeps people from gaming the system (like happens on Digg quite frequently) so there is some great content on there without there being too much blatant spamming.

I’ve added a Yahoo! Buzz button under the title of each post on the site, and if there is ever a story that you’d like to share with the rest of the world all you have to do is click that button to submit it to Buzz. The best stuff actually ends up on the Yahoo! homepage – which is a ridiculous traffic draw.

We actually already have one story that has been submitted, which is the Macbooks in Grocery stores post I wrote earlier today. If you want you can “buzz it up” by clicking here then clicking on the buzz logo.

You don’t have to ever use the button if you don’t want to, of course, but I thought I should mention it so I didn’t get a bunch of emails about what that little “B” was in the posts.

Also I wanted to remind those of you that prefer a blog style view of Apple Gazette that you can get that by visiting: – every now and again I get an email from people who prefer to view stories in a blog style, and I just want to remind everyone that that’s an option.

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