More Nails Going In To DVD’s Coffin: iTunes Gaining New Movie Features

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Yesterday I published my first post of 2011; the hopeful prediction of Apple killing the near obsolete optical drive. Apple seems to agree that the physical media is going by the wayside as new features are being added to movie downloads on the iTunes store.

The new features show up in movies such as “The Other Guys”, “Salt” and “Resident Evil: Afterlife.” The features setting them apart from DVDs? Being able to search the movie’s script for that amazing and memorable quote, selecting and sharing clips on social sites and being able to buy the movie’s score on iTunes.

This is great news for movie lovers and more importantly those hoping for a quicker death to the physical format. Digital downloads are set to overtake DVDs and will compete toe to toe with Blu-Ray. Whether Apple will beat physical media with movie downloads is something only time will tell.

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One thought on “More Nails Going In To DVD’s Coffin: iTunes Gaining New Movie Features

  1. Digital downloads will probably be the way such media will be distributed in the future, much as it will take a while to catch on especially in those areas where the level of internet penetration is low. But it is just a matter of time before this issue is surmounted. However some of those features including the ability to stream more information about the film or medium online will be very convenient.

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