Apple “Black Friday” Sales posted


TUAW has posted the Apple store sales for Black Friday’s day of shopping madness:

MacBooks: Up to $101 off
iMacs: Up to $101 off
iPod Shuffle: $68 ($11 off)
iPod nano: from $138 ($11 off)
iPod classic: from $228 ($31 off)
Airport Extreme: $158 ($21 off)
Airport Express: $88 ($11 off)
Wireless Mighty Mouse: $58 ($11 off)
Apple Bluetooth Headset: $108 ($21 off)
iLife and iWork: $68 each ($11 off)
Microsoft Office (all versions): $100 off, which combined with the Technology Promise, could bring you Office 2008 Special Media Edition for a mind-blowing $49.95 + $6.99 shipping for the upgrade next year. That’s quite a deal.

You can shop online by clicking here, or you can find your local Apple Store if you’re willing to get out and brave today’s crowds.



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  1. Lots of people bitching about sales prices at Macrumors. If you don’t like Apple’s prices, buy from another retailer like Amazon for crying out loud. Someone said that the iLife discount was barely a deal!! The regular price is a hell of a deal IMHO, and to take ANY amount off is better than nothing…sheesh.

    I will give credit to MS for the Office 08 price…

  2. @Bryan

    No, I’m set for Apple stuff right now. So far this year I have purchased a Macbook Pro, AppleTV, 2 iPhones, Leopard, iLife, iWork, and an iPod Shuffle. There’s not much left for me to get.

    The next big thing I’d like to aquire is an HD camcorder to produce a Hi-Def video podcast…but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.