AirMail – Probably the coolest Macbook Air sleeve you’ll ever find


Some of you have probably already seen this little gem, but in all the Macworld hub-bub, I somehow missed it until just the other day – and I’m just now getting around the posting about it. This brilliantly designed laptop sleeve is called AirMail. It’s made out of vinyl, and lined with fleece. It’s built to the exact same proportions as a manila envelope, and is the brain-child of two very fast thinking creative professionals.

I love this thing. It’s, hands down, the coolest Macbook Air sleeve you’re ever going to find, and you can order it right now at the official website. Each one is handmade and only costs $29.95. They should begin shipping just about the same time as the Macbook Air does.

What are you waiting for? Go get one.



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  1. Wow that sleeve is cool. It really does embody Apple’s Ad for their new notebook line. It really is unfortunate for us here in the Philippines because amazing products like these is released a lot later than in the US.