30 Days of AppleTV – Table of Contents

Table of Contents

For the past 30 Days I have used the AppleTV as a replacement for cable. Each day a different topic was discussed, as the device went from “new cool thing” to thing that I’ve had for a little while. With the conclusion of the 30 days of coverage, I have indexed all of the posts in this one for easy reference for those of you that may want to check it out before deciding if the AppleTV is right for you.

Day 1 – Discussing initial thoughts, and quality of video content downloaded from iTunes.

Day 2 – More quality…some good, some GREAT…and a tip on how to preview the quality of a show on your AppleTV before you buy.

Day 3 – AppleTV and Podcasts…a match made in Heaven…or California…or somewhere.

Day 4 – How do multi-passes work, and are they worth it?

Day 5 – Nit Picking the Fast Forward feature – and does the AppleTV make you watch LESS television?

Day 6 – Purchasing my first season of a show in iTunes…and there are problems with it.

Day 7 – Let’s talk about AppleTV and streaming across the home network…

Day 8 – Discussion about encoding files for AppleTV begins…

Day 9 – the “joy” of having a new product is starting to wear off…

Day 10 – AppleTV Video Converter Reviewed

Day 11 – Indepth look at quality inconsistency in “The Office” Season 2, and a list of great podcasts to watch.

Day 12 – an upgade to 802.11n is attempted…and fails miserably.

Day 13 – More quality inconsistency, new shows to download, and the horror of waiting 24 hours for water cooler chat.

Day 14 – The AppleTV crashes….

Day 15 – The AppleTV as a music playr and photo viewer discussed…

Day 16 – Visual Hub reviewed.

Day 17 – Problems with syncing discussed…including not being able to delete video off the AppleTV itself.

Day 18 – trouble waiting for content…

Day 19 – More nit-picking about iTunes downloadable content (the only true thing hold the AppleTV back)

Day 20 – Visual Hub review part 2.

Day 21 – Enough talk about what IS in iTunes…let’s talk about what isn’t.

Day 22 – Conflicting feelings about the AppleTV

Day 23 – Reader questions answered.

Day 24 – another minor gripe…

Day 25 – AppleTV vs. Xbox 360

Day 26 – Go from Google Video direct to AppleTV

Day 27 – Making AppleTV and Logitech remotes work together (check the comments on this one)

Day 28 – Predictions for the future of AppleTV.

Day 29 – Adding it up. iTunes dowloads vs. Cable – which is the better deal?

Day 30 – Final thoughts.

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