30 Days of AppleTV – Day 23

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InRussetshadows wrote: It sounds like you expected it to do more or at least do things differently. Do you feel that Apple released it too early, that it doesn’t exactly fit your needs, or that the hype was over-inflated?….I think there is an important distinction to be made between the device’s performance and the availability of content.

I thought the questions in that comment from yesterday were good ones to address today…so here goes…

No, I’m really not expecting the AppleTV to do more than it does. In fact, I LOVE what it does. It is an iPod interface for my television that is visually pleasing and easy to use. For that, I couldn’t be happier, and I think it is great. So I don’t really want it to do anything differently.

Now, did Apple release it too early? Maybe. Here’s why…no HD content in iTunes. I know I’m beating a dead horse at this point, but seriously – a device designed for HD televisions should have HD content. I think if Apple had waited until they could get HD content in the iTunes store, then this product would be a must buy. As it stands right now, I think Apple new that other people were coming to the market with devices like this, and wanted to get theirs out there, even though the content system they have in place right now isn’t really ready for it.

So, to be clear – I think the device’s performance is EXCELLENT. I think it does a great job of what it is supposed to do, so much so that I’m not even interested in jacking with all the hackable plugins, and I wouldn’t want DVR features in the device. I love it for what it is.

The content, however, still needs some work.

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