Recycled Cases: Carry Your iPad in Canvas and Leather

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Yes, I do really like my incase iPad Travel Kit Plus, because it not only holds my iPad, but it also holds my wireless keyboard and accessories. But as much as I like it, sometimes I want something with a bit more … panache. That’s why when i find things like this re-purposed bag by Temple, I think it’s pretty cool.

Temple is an interesting outfit. Check out their About page:

Our inspiration starts with endless hours of searching through dusty warehouses. After hand-selecting the best vintage military pieces we wash, cut, and stitch them for you to take on a new journey.

We are committed to beauty, story and craftsmanship; whether that means working with authentic military grade fabrics or salvaging and re-purposing WWII era materials.

My father is a big WWII buff, and my grandfather was in WWI. As a result, I’ve always had an appreciation for the military, even though I never wanted to actually go into service. I love WWII era materials, because they’re not the super processed, generic, sweatshop style materials found on many mass-produced items on the market today. Plus, it’s an American original.

This particular bag is the Re-Purposed iPad Case with Pocket. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey. It’s $184, which means that if you want one, you’d better really want it, or maybe have a good chunk of disposable income. There’s even a pocket on the outside that could hold “small items,” according to the site, although I’d hope it would fit an iPhone.

The more creative and nostalgic it gets, the cooler it is to me. If I had the extra cash today, I’d pick up this bag, or one of their other options in a heartbeat.

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