Portable Charger Disguised as a Coaster? Yes, Please!

portable charger coaster

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Portable chargers. Power banks. They’re all over the place. We find them in every shape, size, and color.

But have you ever seen a portable charger that looks like a coaster? Better yet, a portable charger that actually functions as a coaster.

Yeah, it practically exists. I say practically because it’s a Kickstarter project at this point.

Called Circle, this portable charger coaster fits every lifestyle.

One doesn’t have to go through all the technical stuff to understand Circle: it’s a portable charger that you can use as a coaster.

Whether you like your tea or coffee…

portable charger coaster

Or just a huge glass of good cold water…

portable charger coaster

Circle will work for you.

Imagine going to your favorite coffee shop and all the outlets are taken, with your iPhone in power-saving mode. Whip out your Circle from your bag, plug your phone, and even place your coffee on the device!

If you’re worried about spilling your drink, stop. Circle is waterproof.

More info about Circle:

  • Is a cross-platform charger. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.
  • Is equipped with autosense technology. It automatically adjusts to a device’s needs for optimum charging.
  • May be equipped with Lightning or microUSB connectors, at your choice, to suit your lifestyle and technology needs.
  • Is food safe.
  • Is waterproof. Accidents happen – you won’t have to throw away your charger if you accidentally spill your beer or coffee on it.
  • Has a 3000 mAh battery. Recharging a coaster takes about 2 hours.This is the same for all coasters.

Another thing that’s really cool about this portable charger coaster is its design. Made of bamboo (with metal inside), it looks beautiful. You can even have custom engraving – and you will probably want it this time, unlike for your iPhone.

Circle comes with a charging base, which holds three coasters.

portable charger coaster

While Circle doesn’t hold as much power as other power banks, it can still get the job done, especially in cases when you don’t mean to stay out so long and didn’t bring your humongous power bank with you.

Plus it’s so portable that it won’t be an additional “burden” to carry around. Oh, and did I mention how cool it looks?

The Kickstarter campaign just launched, so it still needs a LOT of funding. If you like the idea of having your customized coaster for that ice cold glass of beer after work AND charging your iPhone while you put your feet up, back the project!

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