Autopsy: iFixit Takes Apart the Magic Trackpad

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The announcement of the Magic Trackpad the other day, didn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it sure is a cool idea. But what exactly goes on inside of that thing and how does it work? For that, we go to the gadget-stripping team at iFixit, who took a few hours to take apart the new Apple offering, and decided to share it with the world.

The results? Nothing particularly shocking here. Bluetooth, touch pad, etc. But one neat way that Apple gets things done is the buttons. They’re located at the base of the device, at the bottom edge. This means that any time that you’re clicking right or left, you’re triggering one of the bottom feet buttons. Kinda cool.

If you’re like me and you live for these teardowns, take a few minutes and wander over to iFixit and check out the goods. Seriously. Go do it now.

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