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So just how long do you have to watch those iTunes rentals?

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I still haven’t watched the copy of The Simpsons movie that rented last week, and I don’t plan to until the AppleTV update comes down the pipe (hopefully sometime this week)….so I haven’t tried this myself, but MacNN reports that if you watch a movie, and don’t finish it within the 24 hour period, but still have it open on your computer or mobile device, that it will tell you that the rental has expired, and ask you if you want to finish watching the movie, or if you want to delete it.

So, apparently, you can finish the movie after the 24 hour period (although you won’t have access to the rest of the device if you’re on an iPod or iPhone) as long as you keep it open.

Has anyone tried this yet?

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One thought on “So just how long do you have to watch those iTunes rentals?

  1. Yes, this works. A courtesy box comes up and notifies you that the movie will be expiring. If you have it open, you can keep it open indefinitely until you finish watching.

    If you pause it, then allow it to expire, then try to close it- again, a courtesy box will come up, giving you the choice to finish watching, or to close it and allow it to expire.

    So yes, you can start watching the movie, pause it, then watch it anytime later without worrying about the expiration… and you can’t accidentally close it, without a courtesy box intervening & explaining your options.

    The download quality is excellent (as good or better then DVD IMO). We are going to see more record revenues and another stock jump for Apple this year, this sell-off is a huge buy opportunity as it was last year.

    “…. and one more thing…”

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