Apple Sends invites to ‘Mac Only’ Event on August 7th

applelogo2000.jpgWell, it looks like those new iMac rumors may very well be true.

It also looks like those iPod rumors may very well be false.

Apple has just sent out invitations to press for a “product presentation for Mac”. Apparently the invitations made it very clear this is MAC ONLY.

No iPod. No iPhone.

So, let’s try to take deep breaths, and keep the speculating down to a minimum. I have to say I’m excited for the morning of Tuesday the 7th because I can’t wait to see what is coming next from Apple. Both the iMac and the Mac Mini are in serious need of updating, but we do not yet know if either, or both will be getting new models at this event, or if we’ll be something new entirely.



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  1. Introducing the furmac! It is furry and cuddly and if you tickle its belly it says “screw you steve ballmer” then giggles. It can also be set to say “I eat penguins for breakfast” and “iphone biatch!”

    I think that is a sign I need sleep…….

  2. There are updates flying about the place i checked my software update this morning and i had 4 checked my RSS feeds there was the iPhone update and then news of a possible iMac update. Im so giddy its almost not funny!