Apple to Participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

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I just discovered that there is such a thing as Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and I’m quite embarrassed about that fact, for I believe that accessibility is an integral part of technology today. The concept is applicable to the average user but is even more important for users who have impairments as well as the elderly.

The roots of Global Accessibility Awareness Day lie in a blog post by web developer Joe Devon back in 2011 and the initiative has since then spread.

The concept is to make all sorts of technology easy to use, without the need to make an effort – even for those with disabilities.

While the term “accessibility” has been thrown around for years, this awareness day is an active effort to encourage everyone involved in the technology sector to implement accessibility features. It incites action, instead of mere talk.


This year, Global Accessibility Awareness Day is going to be held on the 21st of May, with events going to be held the world over.

An interesting one is called the No Mouse Challenge, which is being held by Minnesota State Agencies, which are setting up tables in lobbies and next to cafeterias to hand out materials such as stickers and promote their No Mouse Challenge. They are encouraging employees to perform their computer work for 15 minutes without using a mouse. Folks who share their stories get a treat such as a cookie.

For a more comprehensive list of events, visit this page.

In Australia, Apple is holding its own events as well.

Apple Store Sydney — Apple Watch in Accessibility
When: Tuesday 19 May at 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Where: Apple Store Sydney, 367 George Street, Sydney

Apple Store Brisbane — Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Christopher Hills
When: Thursday 21 May at 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Where: Apple Store Brisbane, MacArthur Chambers, Brisbane

This is not so surprising given Apple’s dedication to accessibility.

The sad thing, IMHO, is that I haven’t seen/heard much about other Apple events for the day.

Have you heard of any other events? Why not share them with us?

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