Apple releases Leopard 10.5.2 – download it now


Apple has officially released Leopard 10.5.2 – you can read all about the update here. To update now, click on that little Apple in the upper left hand corner of your Mac, then select “Software Update…” and prepare to wait…

Some highlights of what this releases fixes include:

Updates Stacks with a List view option, a Folder view option, and an updated background for Grid view.

Improves [Airport] connection reliability and stability

Addresses legibility issues with the menu bar with an option to turn off transparency in Desktop & Screen Saver preferences.

Adjusts menus to be slightly less translucent overall.

Adds a menu bar option for accessing Time Machine features (the menu extra can be enabled in Time Machine preferences).

One it DOESN’T fix include allowing us to use a non-Time Capsule external drive for remote back-up. Rats.

Thanks to Dwight Silverman for tweeting about it and giving me the heads up.



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  1. Most importantly fixes the ability to join Active Directory in a Windows Domain – initial version of Leopard broke that. It was available with Tiger.