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This might be old news, but I just noticed it for the first time today. If it is, go ahead and skip this post. No seriously, go ahead. I’m not going to tell your mom or anything the way I did when you stole my sneakers. I loved those sneakers. Jerk.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk iPad, because that never gets talked about here. Apple has put up a page dedicated to a few of the big apps made specifically for the iPad. Each app has its own dedicated video documenting how it works, and all of the cool little features.

The big one here seems to be The Elements (iTunes Link), which has gotten a lot of press recently for its cool interface and touch capabilities. The app screams for a science classroom, and I imagine colleges all over the country will be promoting this one heavily soon. But with promoting the app comes promoting the iPad, giving it more market reach into the student market.

These little videos help to make people who are on the fence or waffling one direction or the other really cement their decision. I know my mother would go crazy once she saw the Epicurious video, and she’s one of those people. it may not seem like much, but these videos sell iPads, and help to answer that question: “What do I do with this thing?”

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