What Kind of People Use the iPhone?

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A person’s choice of gadgets is probably not the most accurate measure of character or personality, there just might be something in there. In any case, we cannot deny the fact that many people have a perception about gadgets being a status symbol – at least in certain societies.

I found this interesting post on iPhone News Updated, wherein the author did some research on his own to determine what sort of people prefer the iPhone over other smartphones – Android-based, in particular.



Here is a rundown of the characteristics of “iPhone people”:

  • iPhone people are more educated: they over-weight +27% for graduate/PhD education and under-weight -33% for high school education. Android people show the same pattern to a much smaller degree: +8% for graduate/PhD, -12% for high school.
  • iPhone people are more affluent: they over-weight +11% for >$75,000(3), +30% for >$100,000(3) and +48% for >$125,000(3). Android people are much less affluent but still have above average means: they over-weight for income categories above $50,000 but to a much smaller degree: +4% to +14%.
  • Age? There are no significant differences. Both iPhone people and Android people have the same age distribution as the U.S. adult population up to age 65.
  • iPhone people are professionals and business people; they over-weight +38% for professional/managerial and +31% for operations/sales. Many Android people are techies: they over-weight 50% for computer/technical/medical and only slightly for the two preceding categories. Both iPhone and Android under-weight for blue-collar and retired populations.
  • Do you follow technology news? Both iPhone and Android people do, but Android people do a bit more: they over-weight +35% versus +22% for Apple people.
  • Are you addicted to your digital devices? Can you guess which group is more addicted? Drum roll … it’s the iPhone people with a dramatic +67% over-weight, far ahead of Android people at +39%.

Do you agree with these findings? For more details, visit the original blog post here.

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