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What Is the Best MacBook Backpack In 2021

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We take our MacBooks with us practically anywhere, and protection is a must. When you’re carrying a MacBook with you, whether that’s going to school or heading to work, you must use a bag that would protect it well. You can opt to use a regular bag but that probably won’t offer that much protection. And we all know and hate the “accidental damage” part.

If you’re looking for a durable one that’s going to ensure your laptop’s protection, here are the best MacBook backpacks you can get in the market today.

Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe

Probably among the best options out there is the Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe. The brand itself should already be enough to keep you assured of this bag’s durability and strength. It’s one of the best MacBook backpacks out there if you’re particular with organization. Aside from your MacBook, you can also fit in your other devices such as your iPad and your iPhone.

Of course, you should also have a separate pocket for your chargers and another one for your accessories. Thankfully, this backpack features exactly just those to ensure proper storage of everything you’ll need when you’re on the go. Not only is it versatile, but it also looks classy and formal enough for an office setting. You can fit multiple items in this bag and it won’t bulge. It doesn’t hurt that it also features a tough polyester exterior that can protect all of your gadgets.

ISM The Backpack

Looking for an attractive bag that doesn’t compromise on comfort? The ISM The Backpack is a good choice for people who want a stylish MacBook backpack that still comes with a lot of storage. While its design can be considered subtle and refined, the inside may surprise you – in a good way, that is. You can fit not just your MacBook in there but also its charger and all sorts of accessories.

In addition, this backpack is also comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Its base is also made of full-grain leather so you know that it won’t deteriorate so quickly. You can carry this backpack with you and it can pack everything you need for a full day’s work. Despite this ability, it would still look stylish and maintained, which is something you might be going for.

Harber Slim Laptop Backpack

If you’re willing to splurge for a durable bag that’ll last for a long time, Harber London’s Slim Laptop Backpack might interest you. For one, just from the look itself, you can already tell how well-made it is. It can fit a 13-inch MacBook or an iPad Pro 12.9”. One of its main features is its water-resistant zippers so you won’t have to worry about minor splashes to get into your devices inside the bag. You can also store your charges in the front pocket of the backpack.

Its aesthetics make it a great accessory for formal settings, too. This bag also comes with a detachable magnetic system key holder. If you’re worried about comfort and durability, you can rest assured that this backpack is designed with comfortable shoulder straps and high-quality aluminum buckles. Best of all, this bag is made with full-grain cowhide, vegetable-tanned leather. This means that it will age beautifully and won’t look shabby over time.

15-inch Newport Backpack (Tan)

Most durable laptop backpacks are black and if you’re not a fan of that color, why not check out the Targus 15-inch Newport Backpack in Tan? Aside from the beautiful aesthetics, this backpack is perfect for people always on the go. It’s a great work companion that can carry your MacBook and protect it as well. You can bring it with you on your way to work or even to the beach if you feel like working while looking out the sea.

Aside from your MacBook, you can also store your travel essentials in there as well as everyday accessories. This backpack is made of twill nylon that can effectively repel water. It’s also designed with leatherette accents that give off that luxurious sheen. What’s more, you can attach this backpack to a piece of rolling luggage that comes with a luggage strap. Now, isn’t that just convenient?

SHIELDON 17.3-inch Laptop Backpack 24L

If a heavy-duty laptop bag is what you’re looking for, the SHIELDON 17.3-inch Laptop Backpack 24L is a great option. For one, this backpack is made of durable Oxford cloth. This means that it’s water-repellent so minor splashes of water wouldn’t be something you need to worry about. It’s also wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Basically, this bag can protect your MacBook from light rain, snow, sand, dirt, and even splashing water.

Furthermore, this backpack also features multiple compartments so you can stay organized with your chargers and accessories. For small items such as pens, earphones, and cards, you can store them in the front pocket. You can also slide this backpack over your luggage tube thanks to its luggage/suitcase strap. It’s great for traveling, especially with its back anti-theft pockets where you can store your important documents such as your passport and your wallet.

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