The Halloween Candy and Wine Matchmaker

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Halloween candy and wine. Why not?

After (or during) the trick or treating round, why can’t adults have their candy and drink their wine, too? It may not be the first match that comes to mind, but with the mountains of candy you will probably have to give away and the bottles of wine you’ll probably have ready for the grown ups, why not make sure what you eat and drink don’t clash?

Yeah, someone created a guide for that – Vivino, the world’s largest wine app. It helps people like me who like wine but “don’t know any better”. Just scan a wine label, and know all you need to know!

Since they know their wine, Vivino created a guide that will make sure you drink the right wine with yout candy this Halloween (and beyond). As long as you’ve got the usual candy suspects, this Halloween candy and wine matchmaker has got your back┬ácovered.

Nerds? Make sure you’ve got some sparkling wine. Because nerds and champagne go together.

Skittles? Anything white – sweet or white.

KitKat? Follow the color scheme and go with medium red wine, or go for sparkling wine.

Here’s your guide to pairing Halloween candy and wine. Enjoy your sugar rush!

Halloween candy and wine


Psst. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and love wine, save the image to make sure you always have the right stuff in your pantry. You’re welcome.

Have more fun with these Halloween apps!

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