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Solve the “Always One USB Short” Problem With InfiniteUSB

InfiniteUSB on Kickstarter

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I love my MacBook Air. I’m sure you love whatever MacBook you’re using, too. We wouldn’t trade them for anything, right?

An additional USB port or two would be nice, though. Especially if you have an iPhone and an iPad, plus some other devices you might need to connect to the laptop.

While the new devices will now use USB-C, the norm will still be the regular USB for quite some time.

So what do you do to solve that “always one USB short” issue?

Here’s one nifty solution: InfiniteUSB.

InfiniteUSB on Kickstarter

InfiniteUSB is a simple yet elegant way to create more USB ports.

6 Ways to Get Around the New MacBook’s Single USB-C Port

Each plug has a connector on one end and a USB port on the other. Because of the USB port on each plug, you can connect as many plugs as you need.

On the other end, you can choose from MicroUSB, Lightning, and female USB, making sure that you have the right connector for your device.

infiniteusb spec

InfiniteUSB has a flat wire, which comes in different colors. It’s also magnetized so that you can easily fold it up and avoid tangles.

Here’s the story behind the device, as well as more details.

How much is this going to set you back? Well, it’s a Kickstarter project, so if you back them now, you can get one (color of your choice) for $12. There are other pledge levels which you can choose from, of course.

Visit their project page to see more options.

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