Do we REALLY have to entertain an iPhone Nano rumor?

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The Macworld rumors are starting to kick up – and since very few people seem to be buying the Apple Netbook rumor, an iPhone Nano rumor has now started to make its way around the blogs.

Let’s think about this one rationally for a moment, though.

Does an iPhone nano make any sense at all?

If you decrease the size of the iPhone and take away some of the features – what would be the point in having it? I understand people WANT to make this connection because there is a big iPod, and a smaller iPod nano – but these are completely different devices.

If Apple did make an iPhone Nano chances are it wouldn’t have web-browsing,wi-fi, or email – and even if it did – trying to do all of those things on a screen the size of the iPod nanos would be a complete nightmare.

There’s no way that it could run iPhone Applications – because those apps are designed for the iPhone screen – many of them would not scale down properly, and they would almost all require touchscreen controls to operate.

If Apple reduced the hard drive size of the regular iPhone, they could cut costs significantly, and help get the phone down to $99 if they wanted to do so. If they want a $99 iPhone – they can make it happen with what they have now. There is no reason to make a dumbed-down product like an iPhone Nano.

Of course – that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Do we REALLY have to entertain an iPhone Nano rumor?

  1. The iPhone Nano will never happen. For the reasons you state. If it was any smaller, it just wouldn’t be functional. People already complain that the keyboard is too small. Could you imagine using one that was even smaller? Not to mention how the battery life would take a hit. You’d get 2 hours tops, and what good is that? An iPhone Nano just wouldn’t offer enough to make it worth the money.

  2. You people are missing the point, I think.

    Not everyone wants to spend $70 a month on a data plan.

    What Apple ought to do is add basic cell phone capability to the iPod touch. With the $150-200 kickback Apple gets from AT+T for a 2 year _plain old cell phone plan_, they could do so and sell it for $99. ie: the “iPhone Nano”.

    I’ll repeat myself: not everyone wants to spend $70 a month on a data plan. In fact, relatively few people want to spend $70/mo on a phone plan. At least 10 times more people just want a basic cell phone that’s cool and works. They’ll get their email at home. And Apple will gain access to millions of new customers.

    I would hope that Steve keeps the screen close to the same size, but a somewhat smaller screen is not a deal breaker.

    And yes, it’s going to happen. Soon, I’d wager.

  3. I have to agree. The same reason “Steve” gives for not producing a netbook follows for the iPhone Nano. It would be crap. And as stated in the article, it would be easier to just reduce the storage capacity and sell it for less than to create a dumbed down/disposable version of the iPhone.

    Let’s just hope that this is just another rumor that never sees the light of day.

  4. @pdq

    I think you’re missing the point, honestly. Apple doesn’t CARE if there are some people that don’t want to spend $70 on their phone. Apple isn’t marketing to those people in the same way that they aren’t marketing to the people that buy $400 Laptops from Wal-Mart.

    You can get a crappy cell phone that “looks cool” from plenty of carriers – in the same way you can get a cheap computer from a variety of carriers.

    Apple wants the money from the App Store, and from monthly bills – they don’t care about making $99 one time on a device they can’t make anymore money off of…this is never going to happen. Not as you’re describing it.

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