So are you regretting upgrading to 10.5.2 as much as I am?

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I’ve had 10.5.2 on my Macbook Pro for about 48 hours now, and they have been nothing short of miserable. On four separate occasions now the computer has frozen for no reason, and I’ve had to do a hard restart to get it going again.

My Samson Q1U USB Microphone now no longer works in Garageband for some reason. Now it sounds like someone is crumpling tinfoil everytime I speak into it. The mic works fine in Audacity, but each time I attempt to use the mic the computer freezes up after a minute or two of recording.

On top of all of the Safari is still crashing like crazy if I have more than 3 tabs open at once.

So…needless to say…I’m not happy.

How about you? Any problems since the upgrade?

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75 thoughts on “So are you regretting upgrading to 10.5.2 as much as I am?

  1. I’ve had no problems with 10.5.2, my mac is much snappier now 🙂

    although, i did cleanup my computer before installing. ie. run maint. scripts, repair permissions, and run diskwarrior.

  2. I’ve had this problem before, and after doing a flush of the Cache directories all was well.

    Use a utility to do it, or do it manually. I do it while booted into single-user mode myself.


    Hope it helps.

  3. No problems at all on a Dual 2.5 GHz G5. The secrets seem to be that Leopard doesn’t like G4’s much (I tried) and that a lot of software breaks. As long as you accept you’re going to go through all your stuff looking for conflicts, you’ll be OK.

    Oh, and I don’t like the taste of crow. Now that I can turn off the menubar transparency, I haven’t. I’ve gotten used to it.

  4. Journler no longer works for me. Load it up off dock, prompts for my password, enter it and the whole system hangs. Able to move the cursor but can’t do anything else. No issues prior to moving to 10.5.2.

  5. I’m glad (yet sorry) I’m not the only one having serious problems with 10.5.2. Everything was running fine until tonight. I installed the updates on my MBP and suddenly my MAC is a slug. Start up is much slower, apps are too, beach ball appears for everything and shutting down is what really freaked me out: It wouldn’t. It just froze on my desktop image.

  6. I regret also. My internal microphone no longer works properly. This coincided with the 10.5.2. upgrade. Looks like we are still beta testing.

  7. 10.5.2 broke on @ least 5 Macs that I know of: 2 G5 iMacs @ home, 1 Mac Pro @ work and 2 intel iMacs that a co-worker upgraded. Now none can send mail via smtp.

  8. I’m having wicked problems. My MacBook has hard crashed five times since upgrading, each time when I put a DVD in the drive. I initially installed with Software Update and then I tried again with the downloaded update. Still having crashes. Indeed, my Mac has crashed more in the past three days of 10.5.2 than it did in 2007.

    I tried cleaning out the cache. Who knows? Maybe that will help…

    But if you ask me, 10.5.2 blows.

  9. Yes I do regret this update. My 1.33 iBook now won’t even start. It just stuck at the gray apple screen and nothing happens. Waited for more than 30 minutes but still nothing happens. Hard reset doesn’t help either. Anyone have a clue?

  10. Awful. I supidly upgrade 3 machines at the same time and all three now have no (won’t complete checking notes/to do for IMAP accounts), Safari won’t connect to SSL pages and copying files with one or more wifi legs is hideously slow. I’m back to using Firefox and Thunderbird whilst praying for an update to the update ASAP!

  11. I have 10.5 running on two computers. Dual 1Ghz G4 MDD, and PowerBook 12″ 1Ghz. I Update whenever updates are offered. I regret the update on my PowerBook. PowerBook wont wake from sleep. It just sort of hangs forever. I waited 15mins at one point and still nothing. So I had to hard reset. Im leaping back to 10.5.1 through TimeMachine (Apple was wise to implement this feature as these updates tend to provide relief for some bugs but just create new ones). Im sort of disappointed in Apple because Tiger was pretty solid. What happened.

    The PowerMac is performing like a champ. I replaced my OEM Baricuda hard drive and its actually fast as it was in 2004 or around that time when I got it. Everything seems smooth.

    What I don’t get is why my PowerMac which has PCI cards and a modded PC version ATI 9800Pro is running great. However my everything OEM including memory PowerBook is having problems.

  12. I also have the recording problem, but this time using Digital Performer and a CEntrance MicPort Pro USB-connected microphone. All recordings are completely unusable, peppered with a fast tick.

    In addition, within a few seconds of even simple 2-track playback, everything hiccups and I get an error saying that audio playback has overloaded the processor, which leaves me completely crippled – the machine I bought for music recording is now a heat-creating paperweight…

    I wonder whether Apple gave certain processes priority on one or more CPUs, to make the interface feel snappier, with the cost falling on other programs that need to be real-time…?


  13. Installed 10.5.2 and graphics update on a G4 Powerbook. Mistake. Now the DVD player crashes the system, and colors and images look horrible on my Samsung 22-inch widescreen flat panel monitor – dull, off-color, and not very sharp. Prior to the update, DVD player worked great, and the Samsung looked brighter and clearer than my PB screen.

    I’m so happy.

  14. I’ve had the freezing problems as well. Only my was probably worse than yours. My computer froze while the Time Machine was backing up on to my 500 GB hard drive, a My Book studio edition. I had to do a hard restart and it killed the My Book. It freezes whenever it connects to the computer and my computer won’t recognize that it’s connected. I’m not happy. I lost over 100 GBs of data.

  15. My DP G5 2.5 will not go to sleep according to the set energy saver preferences. Was fine initially under Leopard.

    Have unplugged everything. Quit all apps. Reset everything according to troubleshooting instructions. No go.

    Monitor is turned off, but system remains on, fans humming etc.

  16. I think it is a problem with the software… will try and see if its the RAM…My new intel duo core is crashing too…But am using 3rd poddy ram. Will see what happens when the original is put back in… Remember when installing 3rd party hardware that was not compatible the mac would crash when the software being installed was not compatible with the hardware….

    Not just when gaming but when using final cut express or working in many windows…If I work in sound track and then do something in final cut a gray shade will fall down from the top of the screen telling me to restart the machine in Chinese Greek, Spanish etc.

    Here is a cheat code for apple:
    Ctrl+Alt+~ give_bettergraphics card

    Got my machine 3 weeks ago…Maybe we got the lemon batch instead of the apples

  17. I’ve had two crashes since I installed Leopard last week. Yesterday I can in and my dock was missing and none of my applications would open. I rebooted from the disc, re-installed everything, and today it wont boot up past the grey apple screen. Did Leopard kill my machine?

  18. Matt, connect it to another computer with panther. I thought too I had lost the data, but it was there, when I used the mac of a friend still running panther. Leopard doesn’t work with the my book studio edition. This sucks!

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