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Facebook Marketing for Financial Services Firms — How to Improve ROI Fast

Is Facebook really an essential marketing tool for financial services firms? Yes and no. Every financial services firm, especially independent entities without the visibility and name recognition of the big international finance players, should have a well-curated, active Facebook presence. That’s not the same as making Facebook the centerpiece of your digital marketing operation. It…

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iMac LCD problems continue to grow

MacNN reports that there are a growing number of iMac users that are having some pretty serious LCD screen trouble. The trouble seems to be that the iMacs are “showing a number of artifacts that include single-pixel lines spanning the length of the screen.” This discussion thread features over 80 posts about the issue, and…

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TryHackMe: Why You Should Consider a Career in Cyber Security and How to Train to Get There

Digital technologies are vital in this era because they improve communication, business operations, data generation, collection, and storage. As a result of internet availability and affordability, companies and people have taken their social lives online, and anyone can now access a lot of information than a decade before. At the same time, reports about data…

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Going Old School with your MacBook Air

I love army bags, and I love things that are recycled from old goods. This particular goody falls right into both of those categories. It’s called the iSockit, and here’s the deets: The iSockitâ„¢ 11-inch MacBook Air case features eccentric sling-flap closure and oversized front pocket (measures about 6.5″x7″, 16.5×17.8cm). I designed the iSockitâ„¢ padded…

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